Engineering Services

QIL-Engineering is a supplier of engineering services to a diverse spectrum of industries. Our discipline-based cadre of engineering services covers product design from conceptual studies to aftermarket support. Our talented workforce possesses the breadth and depth of technical expertise that sets us apart from our competition.
Technical excellence provided on schedule and within budget yields the best overall value. This is the essence of our reputation and the reason why many premier companies choose QIL-Engineering as their preferred long-term engineering service partner. Our quality system focuses on sound project management and internal reviews by experts. We can combine our expertise and processes with low cost engineering options to provide high quality work at an excellent price. In short, QIL-Engineering is well equipped to serve your most challenging engineering needs.
Services provided by QIL Engineering Include:

1. Welding and Fabrication Services

QIL can provide your company with welding and fabrication services to move your project through the fabrication process smoothly and efficiently. All of the companies we service demand fast, reliable fabrication and they receive just that from our experienced set of engineers. Our services include, but are not limited to, full service fabrication and installation of process piping, oil and gas fabrication, and structural steel. We also offer in-house drawings, hydro-testing, pipe supports, and skid units.

2. Machining Services

QIL-Engineering provides a wide range of machine shop services, including Hardbanding, straightening, threading; sub manufacturing; machine refacing; and tubing and casing repair. QIL provides these services to a wide variety of clients in the oil and gas industry, petroleum, manufacturing and transportation.

3. Material Engineering Services

QIL-Engineering provides inspection and non-destructive testing of engineered components and structures. Our multi-disciplinary team of skilled engineers and technicians regularly perform in-situ assessments and non-destructive testing to identify the root causes of failures and assess the degradation mechanisms that impact the service life of components and structures

4. Specialized Engineering Services

QIL also provides other engineering services in the field of structural testing and integrity, corrosion inspection, as well as a wide variety of mechanical engineering services.