Machining Services

QIL-Engineering provides a wide range of machine shop services, including Hardbanding, straightening, threading; sub manufacturing; machine refacing; and tubing and casing repair. QIL-Engineering machine shop is equipped with a Lathe Machine, Hardbanding Machine, Pipe straightening Machines, as well as various fabrication machines which are designed for use in multiple industries and across multiple sets off tools and materials.

1. Hardbanding Services

QIL-Engineering provides hardbanding services that helps protect drilling components from premature wear. This service is essential as the number of high-angle, high-pressure and high-temperature drilling projects continues to increase. Using state-of-the-art portable equipment, fully trained and qualified, QIL-Engineering personal provide effective application of hardbanding for drillpipe and drill collars, as well as other applicable materials. Standard tungsten carbide and premium hardbanding materials are available. QIL-Engineering premium hardbanding wires are designed for both openhole and casing-friendly applications to increase tubular durability and maximize wear resistance on drill collars, drillpipe, heavy wall drillpipe, casing, and other tools used in drilling applications.

2. Pipe Straightening Services

Bent tubular products and drilling tools can cause premature wear and subsequent failure of BOP equipment, and drillstring and BHA members. Drillpipe, drill collars, Hevi-Wate transition drillpipe, and rotary kellys can be straightened.
Using modern pipe straightening equipment, QIL-Engineering is unrivalled in its ability to provide effective and efficient tubular straightening services. As part of the service provided, QIL-Engineering restores crooked or corkscrewed pipe to usable condition. Using hydraulic components, the pipe is rotated while pressure is applied down the full length of the pipe. In addition, QIL-Engineering provides re-facing services to all API rotary shoulder connections as well as drill pipe connections. All of our technicians are experienced, following our standard operating procedures or customer specifications.

3. Design and Construction

QIL’s fabrication and welding Engineers specializes in among other services, building and restoring oilfield equipment such as pipe racks, sub racks, inspection racks, stabilizers and sub stands, equipment skids, baskets for onshore and offshore applications and jar testers. All equipment manufactured by QIL-Engineering’s staff is delivered with document certificates of inspection and load testing (where applicable). In QIL-Engineering provides in-house painting services to the client specification.

4. Tubular repair services

Connection recuts are the most common type of tubular repair; QIL-Engineering staff remove the minimum amount of material required to ensure a full repair. The most common cause of failure or damage of rotary-shouldered connections is insufficient torque applied during makeup. To reduce stress on the connection, an API stress-relief groove and bore back box can be machined, while fatigue life can be increased with cold-working.

5. Stub-welding (stubbing) ends on drill collars & specialty tools

When drill stem members become too short through repeated reworking of connections, box-weak from OD wear, or pin-weak from ID wear, QIL-Engineering provides fabrication that allows the client to put the components back into service by stub-welding new material to the ends of the worn tools and cost-effectively restoring the physical dimensions.

6. Rotary Kelly repair

QIL-Engineering can provides repair for the following conditions,
• Connection damage—connections can be recut a number of times
• Crookedness—in most cases, a bent kelly can be straightened using a hydraulic straightener
• Rounded drive corners—these can be repaired by reversing the ends or remachining the drive flats to a smaller, non-API size.