Hard Banding

QIL’s state-of-the-art hardbanding units are effective in extending the useful life of drilling tubulars and offer clients the ultimate in cost-effective maintenance for your drillstring. QIL hardbanding services offers clients the ability to keep your tubulars in top shape, without incurring the additional cost of shipping back and forth to a service center, meaning a more efficient use of your tubular inventory and a higher return on your drillstring investment. QIL modern equipment and fully trained and qualified personnel provide hardbanding services for drillpipe and drill collars resulting in superior abrasion and wear protection. QIL Hardbanding services to; OD Wear Protection on Drill Collars, Drill Pipe, Heavy Wall Drill Pipe, Pin and Box Tool Joints, and Center Upset Wear Pads.

Why Choose QIL for HardBanding Service

  1. We have superior products:  QIL is able to apply any of the popular casing-friendly products on the market today. QIL provides hardband that is casing-friendly and durable. Products applied are 100% compatible with other leading hardbands, and can also be applied over a variety of existing defects. These products make QIL hardbanding products versatile and casing-friendly.
  2. We have quality control:  In addition to the rigorous training we provide to our operators, QIL employs full-time supervisors to oversee each job and monitor the quality of our workmanship. Photos of every completed job are available via email upon request. QIL goes the extra mile to make sure that our customers are satisfied with the work and service provided at all times.
  3. We have the best equipment:  QIL ARCRAFT HB 610 Hardbanding machine is a state-of-the-art machine that enables our operators to average 25 joints of drill pipe per day. We have the equipment to complete the job as quickly as possible.


QIL’s experience, quality, and expertise will save you money by minimizing your downtime and maximizing the quality of your hardband. Our prices are competitive despite the fact that our hardbands do not require re-application as often as other products. For more information please contact (Add contact details here)

What we hardband: