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QIL has extensive experience at all levels of inspection of equipment for the Petrochemical, Oil& Gas, Power Generation, and Mining Industries. We provide experienced and highly qualified technical personnel, who will ensure that equipment conforms to purchase order (PO) specifications and other applicable quality standards.

The range of activities provided include, Stage inspection according to the clients instructions, resident inspection, in an effort to verify compliance to customer and statutory requirements, and final pre-shipment inspection to ensure, “Fit for Purpose” and dispatch to project site.

The goal of Quality Inspectors Limited (QIL) quality assurance program (QA-QC) is to provide a quality application of nuclear science and technology procedure and reduce radiation exposure to and workers and general public to a level As Low As is Reasonably Achievable (ALARA).

This is achieved through a formalized program of Quality Control testing, documentation of the efforts, evaluating the records and correcting programs as they are detected.

QIL’s Quality Assurance procedures are aimed at:

• Providing direction to the URMC Quality Assurance program.

• Assuring that proper documentation and testing is maintained.

• Reviewing trending reports and effectiveness of corrective actions.

• Reviewing the effectiveness of the program and make changes in the hospital QA program as needed

Quality Inspectors Limited QA-QC team tests standard protocol which have been mandated by the Kenyan Government within their regulations and guidelines. QA-QC Test procedures include, but are not limited to the settings on major functions such as filtration, timer reproducibility, kVp accuracy, mA linearity and timer accuracy, as well as radiation dose mapping in facilities.

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