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The Structural Survey is carried out by our Structural and/or Civil Engineers to assess your building for signs of structural distress and movement and to prepare a report on the structural integrity of the building. At the same time we’ll also note general condition on the building. If you are selling or buying a building we can help you with a variety of structural inspections, reports and appraisals so that you can better manage and understand what is probably your biggest asset; property!

a) Structural Survey

A full structural survey involves and extensive investigation of the property and a thorough examination of all the major aspects and minor details that are visible. The Structural Surveys will include inspections of roofs (internally & externally), walls (internally & externally), floors, windows and doors, chimney stacks and parapets, decorations, garages and outbuildings, grounds and boundaries, along with any defects such as dampness, structural damage, timber decay, etc. It is most suitable for larger, older homes with more potential for problems. It is generally accepted that a full structural survey should be carried out when you are buying a home that is more than 20 years old, property over three stories in height, buildings of unusual construction (such as thatched, timber etc.), or if you plan to extend, convert or renovate the property. QIL Engineering carries out a detailed assessment of the fabric and structure of the building looking at the structure, general condition and outward appearance. Absolutely everything that is visible or easily accessible is placed under close scrutiny in the search for problems trivial and major. The survey can also include specialist reports on particular features such as non- Traditional roofing, damp proofing, and foundations and so on. This is usually carried out by an expert in the particular specialist field in question, either as part of our survey and quotation for repair work, or by an independent third party specialist.

b) Structural Survey Reports

Following each assessment, QIL Engineering will produce a highly detailed report that the Engineer will spend a lot of time compiling. The report will be embellished with floor plans, diagrams and pictures to enhance the content. Our Engineers will list every defect they can find. Almost every building will have some defects and a long list of them does not necessarily mean that the property is not worth purchasing. However, you should end up with a priced list of all major and minor pieces of repair and maintenance work that need to be carried out on the building.

c) Other Structural Services

We offer a breadth of additional services and are pleased to provide advice on matters ranging from listed buildings, general building alterations and extensions though to new buildings including residential, commercial and Multi-Storey constructions of timber, masonry, steel and concrete frames, including provisions to comply with the requirements of disproportionate collapse in accordance with The Building Regulations. Other Structural Engineering services provided by QIL-Engineering include:-

• Superstructure design

• Substructure design

• Water retaining structures

• Structural advice

• Design reviews

• Site supervision


QIL-Engineering engineers have vast experience in the areas of corrosion control, including the evaluation of corrosion inhibition programs and inhibitor qualification. We utilize our extensive corrosion expertise along with highly advanced tools to examine the critical issues and atmospheric and/or environmental service conditions to effectively identify the source of the failure.

Our objective is to ensure that the most effective corrosion control methods are used and appropriate replacement materials are selected.

• Investigations and Assessments

• Materials Characterization and Selection

• Evaluation for Aggressive Conditions

• Corrosion Control

• Regulatory Compliance

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