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Welding and joining processes are used in virtually all materials systems. From glued joints in plastic to automated sub-arc welding of steel riser pipe, joints are a common location of failures. The materials, metallurgical, and welding engineers at QIL-Engineering have examined thousands of welds involving a wide range of materials, processes, and industries. Our welding experts have assisted clients in a variety of weld and joint related matters including failure analysis, materials selection, post weld treatment assessments, non-destructive evaluation, mechanical testing, and the review of welding procedures and specifications. Our engineers also maintain an extensive knowledge of many ASME, API, and AWS welding codes, recommended practices, and industry standards. QIL-Engineering provides technical review of welding procedures for:

• Customer specifications and applicable industry standards and code compliance

• Welding variables to metallurgical structure and mechanical properties comparisons

• Preparation of welding procedures for client/contractor qualifications

• Monitor/witness welding fabrication to ensure specification conformity

• Welding procedures for sour service and high-pressure vessels

QIL-Engineering is proud of its reputation for first class welding and holds approved weld procedures covering a variety of materials, processes and equipment. The company has gained recognition as a center of excellence for both standard and specialized welding techniques.


QIL-Engineering’s key fabrication facility is based in Nakuru, Kenya, comprising a modern bay served by a variety of equipment. Over recent years and working in partnership with major clients QIL-Engineering has committed resources to creating a number of production cells for the manufacture of critical components. Utilizing its highly skilled workforce, alongside bespoke fabrication jigs and semi-automated welding systems, the company recognizes the value of key process control, not only giving repeatability and consistently high quality, but equally as important – providing opportunities for product development and value engineering.

QIL-Engineering specializes in design and customized fabrication providing engineering solutions that meet the needs of our customers. Specifically we specialize in:

• Project design and management capabilities

• Product and process development

• Manual & orbital welding, machining, fabrication and polishing

• Full materials traceability

• Validation, testing and qualification to the highest levels

• 3D drawings to customer specification

• Manufacturers of filters including wedge-wire, perforated sheet and sintered mesh

• Stockist of process components, tube and pipe fittings

• Technical and training support

Further, the following are the types of fabrication provided by QIL-Engineering:

• Skid mounted systems

• Membrane filtration systems

• Hygienic machine frames

• CIP systems

• Pressure vessels and tanks

• Manifolds

• Flowplates

• Filters

• Special bends, tees, hoseliners, spool pieces

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