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Personnel Radiation Monitoring Service (PRMS)

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Since 2011, Quality Inspectors Limited (QIL) has operated a Personal Radiation Monitoring Service (PRMS) for measuring doses that people who are occupationally exposed to radiation may receive. QIL PRMS helps client organizations to both, determine the monthly dose received by each employee exposed to radioactive material, as well as establish whether the amount of radiation received by these individuals is well below the recommended limits.

Today, as part of our PRMS, QIL issues and processes over (add number here) radiation dosimeters a year. These go to approximately (number here) different employer sites in the east Africa region, covering (Number here) individuals in total. Our customers come from wide range of sectors that include, (add the different sectors here) – and range in size from a few monitored personnel to a few thousand. QIL’s Dosimetry Department prides itself with being able to meet our customers’ needs and to respond quickly to requests for information or advice.

QIL’s PRMS is accredited by the (Add association and accreditation). Further, all measurements are performed in accordance with the (association name here) requirements which include the requirements of the Standard “General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories” (ISO/IEC 17025). All doses are traceable to Kenya Primary Standards. QIL also maintains a comprehensive quality assurance program in order to ensure the reliability of the Service.


To carry out this work, QIL PRSM services use the well-established thermoluminescent dosimetry technology. All monitoring services provided by QIL PRSM Personnel complies with Kenya laws, and meets the rules and regulation on radiation protection and health regulations set forth by Kenya’s Radiation Protection Board.


With respect to personnel, QIL personnel assessing the monitors are professional trained in areas of radioprotection both locally and internationally to offer unparalled dosimetry services. Our Personal Radiation Monitoring Service maintains lifetime radiation dose histories for all our clients and our records are kept permanently in a National Archives Office recommended facility.


To offer effective services on personnel radiation monitoring, QIL acquired state of art Panasonic TLD reader system with the advanced TLD 802 dosimeter badges which can acquire and capture diverse doses ranging from X-ray radiation for low energy emitting devices to fast and thermal neutrons applicable in the field.

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