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Quality Inspectors Limited provides the full spectrum of NDT methods from the traditional to the most advanced in accordance with the industry, code authority and client requirements. The methods employed by QIL provide the basis for most inspections of industrial infrastructure, safety critical parts and fabricated components.

Further, inspection for various items that include tanks, pressure vessels, piping infrastructure is generally conducted in accordance to standards promulgated by the American Petroleum Industry (API). API provides the guidelines in the form of recommended practices, technical publications and reports that cover each segment of the industry.

QIL believes that its successful execution of these services, over the last 19 years, has been as a result of:

Well trained technicians and inspectors who understand both the methods of inspection and the nature of the environment in which the work in.

Subject matter experts that can support the technical staff with a broad base of knowledge and experience. An understanding of the relevant procedures, industry codes, and standards that describe how inspections are to be performed and/or special consideration to be employed.

Equipment that is technologically up to date and adequately calibrated to materials to be examined. Safety work practices controlling the execution of the work and a safety culture that ensures that practices are followed at all times.

A quality system that works to standardize the execution of services with consistently repeatable results. All in all QIL’s ND services are supported by an organization built on a comprehensive program for safety, technical training, quality, subject matter experts, and modern equipment that ensures we at all times deliver the highest quality of service.

QIL has provided NDT inspection across a wide spectrum of industries and tools. Some of the tools and areas QIL has applied Non Destructive Testing include:

    • ASME pressure vessel and piping as-built inspections

    • Drill tools and drill pipes

    • Fabrication inspections during and after manufacturing

    • Casing and tubular tools

    • Piping and pressure vessel corrosion monitoring incl. data management

    • Full Storage Tank Assessment

    • Shutdown inspections (visual, NDT, advanced NDT incl. coordination)

    • Development of piping and pressure vessel reliability programmes

    • In-service equipment inspections (non-intrusive)

QIL provides a wide variety of NDT services from project inception, through design, installation and operation. For additional information on the services we provide and how we can meet your company’s inspections needs please contact us