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Established in 1994, Quality Inspectors Ltd (QIL) has been providing services in the field of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Radiation Protection Services to industries including Energy, Petro-Chemical, Education, and Healthcare organizations such as Medical, Dental, Veterinary and other specialized applications. In 2010, the government repealed the radiation protection act and brought on board private sector to offer consultancy services on behalf of the government. QIL was licensed by the government (Radiation Protection Board of Kenya, Ministry of Health) to offer consultancy services in the following areas; 1. Personnel Radiation Monitoring 2. Radioanalytical Inspection Services 3. Quality Assurance and Control on Radiation Emitting Devices

Quality inspectors Limited (QIL) currently provides these services to over 81 clients throughout Kenya. Some of these clients include East African Breweries, Sameer Africa, Kenya Revenue Authority, and Defense Memorial A list of some of QIL’s clients in this radiation monitoring field have included below.


QIL has provided NDT inspection across a wide spectrum of industries and tools. Some of the tools and areas QIL has applied Non Destructive Testing include:

    • Defence Forces Memorial Hospital

    • Sameer Africa Limited

    • CocaCola Central, East & West Africa Limited

    • East African Breweries Limited

    • Karen Hospital

    • Kenya Revenue Authority (Nairobi, Mombasa & Eldoret)

    • M.P Shah Hospital

    • Institute of Nuclear Science & Technology-University of Nairobi

    • Department of Clinical Studies-University of Nairobi

    • International Livestock Research Institute-ILRI

    • KARI Irrigation & Drainage Programme

    • Nairobi West Hospital

    • Getrude’s Children Hospital

    • Mastermind Kenya Limited

    • Garissa Provincial General Hospital

    • Tenwek Mission Hospital

    • A.I.C Kijabe Mission Hospital

    • Guru Nanak R.S Hospital

QIL provides a wide variety of Radiography Services that help ensure the health and safety of your personnel. We also provide Radiograph Services that on imported and exported products to ensure compliance with local import and exportation regulations. For additional information on how we can meet you inspection needs, contact us

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